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What is RFID? Do I need it in my wallet?


What is RFID? Do I need protection?

The long answer is yes; the short answer is no, okay, maybe.

Hear us out; let's start by explaining what RFID is.

RFID stands for "Radio Frequency Identification" and is used to scan items at grocery stores. In recent years RFID chips have been used in credit cards and IDs called near-field communication or NFC.

The NFC chips allow for contactless payment similar to those used by ApplePay, GooglePay, or SamsungPay. You tap your credit card or phone, and the terminal to process payment. Very helpful during COVID, we might add, yet contactless payment has its risks.

The apparent benefits of RFID credit card transactions are convenience, speed, and the elimination of employee contact with the card. To minimize these cards' accidental reading, they are designed to be read at a short distance (up to four inches) from the reader.

All of this is great; we now have a secure and quick way to process payments, yet credit fraud has evolved along with credit card technology. Tap-and-go credit cards can lead to skimming or electronic pick-pocketing from a nearby scanner.

This means that if someone is near you with a powerful enough RFID reader, they can steal your credit cards and ID information.

Back to our original question - RFID is the tech used for tap and go payments currently growing in popularity in the US. This tech, which is also used in the new mandatory driver's license called "REAL ID," can leave you exposed to credit card fraud and identity theft. The sad reality is your information can be stolen in seconds, and it can take you hours, if not years, to reverse the damage done. While credit card companies protect you against credit card fraud, you could still be exposed to identity theft.

At JS Navy, we believe you should not risk either scenario. Our wallets are slim, RFID blocking designed to eliminate the headache of changing purses. Use highest quality Italian Leathers, and have a designated space for cash and/or change. All of this fits in your jean pocket or the tiny clutch.

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